Tuesday, April 8, 2014

My Response to "I Look Down On Young Women With Husbands And Kids And I'm Not Sorry"

I read this blog post months ago and it broke my heart, I hated that another woman could so violently slam my life and disgrace my most favorite thing about myself. I am a mom.  You call this ordinary and unexceptional, for something so hurtful to come from another woman feels like a betrayal. Even months later I’m still thinking of that horrible article and I’m still shaking from the emotions it evokes in me. Who are you to crush the most profoundly important thing a woman can do? Do you really have so little respect and love for your own mother that bore you into this world and shaped the person you have become? Is that woman so unexceptional to you? My wish for you is that some day you will be able to have your own beautiful wedding where you swear to yourself that no one has ever felt this kind of love before, that you and your husband are redefining the love stories and fairy tales, because nothing has been so strong before your union. And I hope one day you decide to condemn yourself to that lowly state of motherhood that you find so disgusting, and you have that perfect angel baby in your arms and I dare you to not think that it is the most incredible thing you have ever done. That moment when you, in all your pain and tears, brought that baby forth from you and you knew that there has never been anything more awe inspiring than that moment. Not your degrees, not the jobs you’ve held or the promotions you’ve made, but that tiny perfect baby you’re holding is the best thing you’ve ever done. And I dare you to raise that baby and even on those nights of no sleep when you are covered in puke and snot and you have changed more diapers than you can count and you no longer know the days of the week but you do know that you’ve never loved anything more than that child, I dare you to tell me that that love is ordinary and that life of a mother is unexceptional. I may not impress you with my life but I have never felt more fulfilled than I do now. I loathe how much your hateful post affected me, but when something I care so much about gets tarnished like that, I will defend it to my dying breath.  I hope you will get to feel the immense joy and fulfillment of motherhood. I hope by some miracle even your undeserving self will be blessed with that gift, for when that day comes you will eat your sad and pathetic words and you will feel what we all feel and you will despise the woman you once were. The woman that would try to defile the most important responsibility any one person can hold. I pray that day will come swiftly to you, so you may finally see the beauty only a mother can know. Your words will no longer torment me; instead I will revoke that power from you and replace that anguish I felt with pity. Pity for the selfish shallow life you lead and the empty heart that whimpers so tired in your hollow chest.  I will pity you for all that you will lose in your misled, lonely, meaningless life.


  1. I don't think she directed it at you Chelsea. In fact if she met you she would see how wonderful you are and change her mind. I think that perhaps she has had a very bad experience in the subject matter she posted about and that's something for her to deal with, not you. In life, there are always people who will judge, no matter what. That's also their problem. We're all on separate paths and yet the same. Each one has obstacles to overcome, things to learn no matter how old we get. I just pray for her that she has the opportunity to look outside of her tunnel vision and see how beautiful life and people can be. You are wonderful, don't take things like that personally. It has nothing to do with you. You are beautiful and wonderful. :-)

  2. Sheri Dew has said, "We just can't let the Lord down. And if the day comes when we are the only women on earth who find nobility and divinity in motherhood, so be it." I love this quote because things such as the article you reference also cause me to be SO upset and disgusted. But I take solace in that fact that the decline of our world is scriptural, and I have been blessed with this glorious Gospel that will carry me through these hard times.

    Thank you for posting such powerful and beautiful words. They gave me goosebumps.